Noah is looking for a new home

Noah is a 6 year old Greyhound, who has very sadly been diagnosed with Heart failure.

We have been very lucky to have found a kind couple (Jo & Bill) to give Noah a good, loving, comfortable home, regardless of his serious condition. But we do need help by way of Donations to help us pay for Noah’s tests that he’s had & also his Medication that he will need to stay on.

Noah has only been given 6 – 12 months to live. We will not let him suffer, but we will ensure those months are the best months of his life. Noah’s Tests (ECG & Echocardiogram) are costing us £800 & Noah’s Medication which he needs to stay on cost £80 per month.

At the moment, Noah has very good quality of life & he is not aware he is so ill. He is a happy boy enjoying all his home comforts inc his own sofa(!), lots of love & affection, Good food (Noah has always loved his food & treats!), and he has two gentle walks everyday which he really enjoys. Noah is also enjoying the company of Jo & Bill’s other Greyhound, Holly, who is also a Castlegon Greyhound – and they get on very well together.